Lalu Delbracio

Lalu Delbracio_shift_2.jpg

Lalu Delbracio is interested in performativity and the possibility to unlearn adult roles constructed and passed down to us. Her work is an attempt to peel back, trying to get to a previous state of curiosity, exploration and ultimately openness similar to that of early childhood.

In her practice she explores the physical, emotional and instinctual as valid routes to cut through heteronormativity and cultural homogeneity. This results in image mash-ups and site-specific installations in which Delbracio physically tears leaves of paper in live actions whose remnants are often transformed into single edition books and films.

Previous exhibitions and collaborations have involved Archipelago, Materia Gallery, MC2 Gallery, Twenty 14 Contemporary, Offprint London, Self Publish Be Happy and the Pingyao International Photography Festival.