SHIFT is After's digital residency, in which selected artists are invited to explore our changing experience of time, space, culture, and identity through our relationship with the screen, the internet, and digital culture.

The residency's title, SHIFT, reflects the growing interest in work made for spaces other than the gallery and refers to the regular rotation of selected artists.  After encourages resident artists to challenge the primacy of the object within gallery space and to develop ideas, research and processes relating to the production and presentation of work within the digital realm.

SHIFT #5  

Lalu Delbracio


Lalu Delbracio is interested in performativity and the possibility to unlearn adult roles constructed and passed down to us. Her work is an attempt to peel back, trying to get to a previous state of curiosity, exploration and ultimately openness similar to that of early childhood.

In her practice she explores the physical, emotional and instinctual as valid routes to cut through heteronormativity and cultural homogeneity. This results in image mash-ups and site-specific installations in which Delbracio physically tears leaves of paper in live actions whose remnants are often transformed into single edition books and films.

Previous exhibitions and collaborations have involved Archipelago, Materia Gallery, MC2 Gallery, Twenty 14 Contemporary, Offprint London, Self Publish Be Happy and the Pingyao International Photography Festival. 


 Juan Covelli


Juan Covelli is an artist living and working in London, recently graduated from Central Saint Martins MA Photography. His work focuses on new materialities generated by the digital era. In particular, he is interested in the dynamics and approaches of the physical within the digital world. In his execution, he employs photography, video, 3D printing, CGI, coding and data streaming, where data manipulation of the image is used to produce installation based works, and the digital and material collide.

Recent shows include: Nexicuitilamalt at ADM Galeria (Mexico City), Connecting Columns at Kochi Muzhiris Biennale (Kochi, India), Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, VR exhibition at the ICA, MozEx at Ravensbourne University, EmbassyHack at the Government Art Collection, None of the Above at La Casa Amarilla (Malaga); Interim at Srishti Institue of Art, Design and Technology, (India); Remember Nature with Gustav Metzger and the Serpentine Gallery at Central Saint Martins. 

Last year, he was awarded the Daniel Ford International Award for Innovation and his work was selected for the Central Saint Martins Museum and Archive collection.

SHIFT #3  

Jules Varnedoe

Recently Jules Varnedoe has been playing with marine debris and thinking about invasive species, chaos magic, the materiality of data networks, slime mould, freighter shipping, sea anemones and virtual reality.  They are currently working in Cornwall, UK. 

Jules is a recent graduate of the Goldsmiths BA Fine Art programme, with a focus on the materiality of data networks and screen technologies in relation to bio-regional animism and chaos magic practices.  They were selected for Wysing Art Centre's 2015 Leverhulme Scholarship, spending this time researching and presenting work on the intersections of quantum physics and a gnostic or mystical worldview.  They have a collaborative film project to be released later this year and are a member of the London based video art/projector lending collective 27beam.

SHIFT #2  

Jessie McLaughlin

Jessie McLaughlin’s practice focuses on trying to make out a sense of self, having spent a significant amount time (over a significant period of time) browsing the internet. The work takes various forms; including books, workshops, drawing, photography, video and playlists and is very often social and collaborative at its core. Previous exhibitions, projects and collaborations include Space in Between Gallery, Red Bull Studios, Five Years Gallery, Offprint London, X Marks the Bokship, The Yard Theatre, Age UK Camden and Queensbridge Primary School. Their work has been including in various publications including noon magazine, Girls Like Us, and ellipsis journal. McLaughlin is part of the artist collective GJRL, who together run regular queer club night LEMON JUICE in East London. 

SHIFT #1  

Lydia Cohen

Lydia Cohen's work focuses of political and social concerns that exist in the Middle East. Her work engages the Western gaze, and the distortion and misrepresentation of the Middle East within Western media. She is particularly interested in the male body as a contested space.  

Cohen has been shortlisted for both the Catlin Art Prize and UAL’s Future Maps Art Award. Her work has been featured in The Guardian, Wonderland Magazine and Hysteria Magazine. She is currently undertaking a long term collaboration with online video art platform IKONO TV.