October 2016

Where to begin with painting and its long and twisting history? Resuscitated and re-murdered so frequently, it might be forgiven its zombified demeanour - no more than skin and mystery. Treating painting as a personal, private language of which we can only catch glimpses, After presents: Glossary. Glosses, from the Greek, tongues.  A list of terms and definitions for the difficult and the unusual. 

Thirteen painters.

Paula Baader   Gala Bell   Harry Bland  Dickon Drury   Jadé Fadojutimi  Qingzhen Han   Connie Harrison   

Manuel Mathieu   Sarah ‘Kenikie’ Palmer  Clare Price   Lucy Smallbone   Christopher Stead    Mircea Teleaga


Tess Williams,


September 2016

Unfolding is the second solo show in London for emerging artist Tess Williams. Williams’ work explores what a painting is beyond its frontal surface - the painting as object. She tests how far she can push her works toward textiles, collage or installation, without them ceasing to exist as ‘paintings’.  The artist responds to the sensual immediacy of paint and its effect on our experience of materiality. All her surfaces are unprimed in order that liquid paint and porous substrate unite, producing both an immersive presence and experience for the viewer. Further amplifying this presence, Williams’ painting often challenges the boundaries of the picture frame. Ignoring the conventional canvas/stretcher format she reconfigures the components of a traditional painting. 



April 2016


In humans, intergenic regions are stretches of DNA sequences between genes, comprising about 75% of the genome.  Historically, intergenic regions have been called junk DNA, suggesting that they have no function. However, it is now thought they may contain as-yet unidentified genes.

INTERGENIC explores the power, fallibility and obsolescence latent within the in-betweens. Using diverse media, the selected artists disclose the potency of all our known unknowns.

Paul Abbott   Julie Bentley  Kyounghee Lee   Jessie McLaughlin  

Sean Mullan,  Nick Scammell   Dario Srbic   Luca Vanello


Darkness Spoken

October 2016

As part of the Art Licks Weekend and Deptford X, After is proud to present Darkness Spoken, a group show seeking to render the invisible, exploring darkness as a forceful and vital presence in the practices of four emerging artists. Revealing histories of shadows, of the seen unseen, exploring reflection and motion, presence and void, the concrete and the liquid, these artists challenge the idea of darkness as a lack - suggesting instead that it speaks and speaks back, discloses by concealing.

Jonas Brinker,  Hannah Devereux,  Nick Scammell,  Julie Bentley


The Deleted World

September 2015

 Following an open call to UK art schools graduated, After presents The Deleted World, a selection of emerging artists who look beyond the limits of boundary or edge.

Caroline Abbotts   Gala Bell   Jonas Brinker   Max Colson   May Heek  Kyounghee Lee  

Megan Needham   Dan Newton   Liz Orton  Himali Singh Soin   Dario Srbic   Luca Vanello.