Tess Williams  Daniel Silva

Curated and Directed By Julie Bentley and Nick Scammell


Time & Materials seeks to explore the enduring fascination of analogue processes in a digital age. Two emerging artists will present works that engage their physical surroundings, providing the slowness necessary to allow our contemporary velocity to be better perceived. 

Tess Williams responds to the sensual immediacy of paint and its effect on our experience of materiality. All her surfaces are unprimed in order that liquid paint and porous substrate become one, producing both an immersive presence and experience for the viewer. Further amplifying this presence, her painting often reaches beyond the boundaries of the frame.

Daniel Silva works with materials in their raw state, revealing the sublime through layered process. Using beeswax, horse-hair, salt and wood, Silva offers sculptures and installations that catalyse their elemental components, crafting a cohesion free from fixed narrative.