Tess Williams

Curated and Directed by Julie Bentley and Nick Scammell

Installation Images, Unfolding by Tess Williams

Installation Images, Unfolding by Tess Williams

Unfolding is the second solo show in London for emerging artist Tess Williams. Williams’ work explores what a painting is beyond its frontal surface - the painting as object. She tests how far she can push her works toward textiles, collage or installation, without them ceasing to exist as ‘paintings’.  The artist responds to the sensual immediacy of paint and its effect on our experience of materiality. All her surfaces are unprimed in order that liquid paint and porous substrate unite, producing both an immersive presence and experience for the viewer. Further amplifying this presence, Williams’ painting often challenges the boundaries of the picture frame. Ignoring the conventional canvas/stretcher format she reconfigures the components of a traditional painting.